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Presentation of 2018 AEF Grant to GF Hardwoods

Presentation of 2018 AEF Grant to GF Hardwoods

 Neil Owens, Forestry Business Consultant, Tennessee Department of Agriculture

Ed Harlan, Assistant Commissioner, Agricultural Advancement, Tennessee Department of Agriculture

Jai Templeton, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Agriculture

Quentin Moss, President, GF Hardwoods

Nick Patterson, President, Barky Beaver Mulch and Soil Mixes

April Smith Patterson, Co-Owner, GF Hardwoods

Amy New, Assistant Commissioner, Community and Rural Development, Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development

Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan 

 Brooxie Carlton, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Community and Rural Development, Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development

Logan McCoy, Special Projects, Community and Rural Development, Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development

GF Hardwoods Receives Agriculture Enterprise Grant

GF Hardwoods Receives Agriculture Enterprise Grant

GF Hardwoods in Moss is one of nine Tennessee businesses that will continue to grow and positively impact rural economies through a grant a provided by the Agriculture Enterprise Fund.

“GF Hardwoods has been a supplier of hardwood lumber for domestic and international customers since 1979,” said April Patterson, who is co-owner of GF Hardwoods, which was founded by her father, the late Doug Smith. “Our family business has been committed to making an impact in our area for 40 years by creating jobs and producing products our region can be proud of.”

Tennessee Agriculture Commissioner Jai Templeton and Economic and Community Development Assistant Commissioner Amy New joined local, state and business leaders in Clay County on April 16 for the announcement that GF Hardwoods was approved for a cost-sharing program to assist GF Hardwoods in purchasing a new loader and in updating valves on the lumber processing company’s dry kilns.

“Forestry is an incredibly important part of our state and local economies, and we are thrilled to see state support for businesses like ours,” said Patterson, who along with her brother, Shane Smith, and mother, Janie Smith, own other forestry-related businesses in the Upper Cumberland, including Honest Abe Log Homes, Barky Beaver Mulch and Soil Mix, Moss Sawmills and The Wood Store.

A product of the Governor’s Rural Task Force, the Agriculture Enterprise Fund is an incentive program that supports job creation and economic development by facilitating agricultural development. Priority is given to businesses located in at-risk or distressed counties, of which Clay County is one.

“We feel extremely blessed that GF Hardwoods is among the nine statewide beneficiaries of the Agriculture Enterprise Fund this year,” said Patterson.

Successful grant recipients like GF Hardwoods were required to demonstrate strong potential for impact on local farm income, access to markets, increased capacity or agricultural innovation.

“The logs for our lumber are acquired within a 30-50 mile radius of our plant,” Patterson said. “We are proud to partner with landowners and loggers, who along with our team at our onsite milling operation, Moss Sawmills, enable us to consistently produce quality lumber that is competitive in a global market.”

For more information about GF Hardwoods and Moss Sawmills, visit or contact GF Hardwoods President Quentin Moss at (931) 258-3944.


Story by Claudia Johnson. For media information contact

Progressing After the Fire

Progressing After the Fire

We have had a crew at Moss Sawmills who have worked so hard to get a deck built so we can CONTINUE to run and so we only lost two days. Isn’t that amazing?

So what got damaged? The trim saw, chipper, air compressor system, electronics to the mill (but they got it fixed to run so now the saws are operating and we are at least running now… what a blessing) the parts room, computer system, were all damaged or destroyed. Some photos of the deck they built are attached and they built it to run until we can get it all up and going (likely 2 months). We’re having to sort and bundle the lumber by hand but are taking it to GF Hardwoods‘ facilities across the road to use their sling sorter to get everything sorted there.

But now to have gotten things to where we can run and people can keep working in only two short days was a HUGE feat. We have an amazing team that made that happen. Some of the team who helped are Quentin Moss, mill co-owner Shane Smith, Scottie Reagan, Bobby Huckeby, Mikey Rich, Calvin Smith, Donnie Grace, Vernal, Joshua Buck, Tony Trobaugh, Ricky Trobaugh, Donnie Smith, Lee Craighead, Ed Hammock and many others who have gone above and beyond to get things up and running! We are so appreciative.

Another Special thanks to Mt. Vernon, Hermitage Springs, Moss, & Celina fire departments along with our special crew who were there helping the night of the fire, including Jimmy Trent, Brad Mini, Jeff Hatcher, Jacob Wheeler and many more.

Scottie Reagan is pictured above with his father, Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan, who came to thank us for providing jobs for our rural county, assess fire damage to make a report. To the left is the burned portion of the sawmill.

Aftermath of Sawmill Fire

Aftermath of Sawmill Fire

January 30, 2018

Aftermath of sawmill fire….

You all have been so kind. Because of all the texts, calls, and concerns, we wanted to share an update from the recent fire at Moss Sawmills. Everyone who has came out and expressed their concerns has truly warmed our hearts. In order for our businesses to run and be successful, it truly takes our entire community’s support. Our ER services crew and AMAZING volunteer firefighters have gone above and beyond to help us in times of great need. If it wasn’t for their quick attention, the fire could have been much worse. To them, we are so grateful. Fortunately, the fire was contained to one area thanks to their attentiveness. 

Our amazing and talented crew finished a deck to allow the lumber to run outside of the mill so we can keep everyone working as soon as possible. It is our goal to serve those who work with us and keeping them with a job a number one priority. We’ve just had the best team anyone could ask for! From our family to yours, thank you. We love you all and I’ll continue to share and keep you updated. We have been truly blessed.

Fire Guts Portion of Moss Sawmills

Fire Guts Portion of Moss Sawmills

January 27, 2018

A statement about the fire at Moss Sawmills …

The fire did damage to the sling sorter, but we are so thankful no one got hurt. As I sit here tonight and reflect back on the day, I feel beyond thankful and blessed. We have the most amazing volunteer fire departments that are always going above and beyond to help our county and community in times of need. And while there was loss and damage to the building and equipment, the amazing thing is the hearts and dedication of those within our crew, ER services crews, and fire departments that has warmed my heart. Thank you to everyone who came out, called, and texted. I am so thankful to have such great family, friends, and co-workers that care so much. I only hate that I wasn’t there to help in some way, but my brother was there on a loader in the action (I’m glad he didn’t get hurt!). I love you all and appreciate everything. Our family is so grateful.

April Smith Patterson, co-owner, Moss Sawmills and GF Hardwoods

Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule

We work hard at GF Hardwoods and Moss Sawmills, so we want our employees to enjoy the holidays. You’ll find us here Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. but on major holidays, we’ll be spending time with family, taking advantage of the woods or the lake and engaging in sports or hobbies. Those holidays that we are closed are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas (and one accompanying day). To check whether we are open, click HERE.

Download Grading Guide

Download Grading Guide

Understanding grading standards may seem a little daunting, but you can download a number of informative guides that will help you to understand the grading system used by hardwood processors like GF Hardwoods. Download one of the many helpful guides HERE.

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