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GF Hardwoods and Moss Sawmills Team Up to Produce Quality Lumber

Our team of employees at GF Hardwoods & Moss Sawmills are committed to quality in production, selection, shipping, pricing and customer service. Both companies have operated for more than 40 years, and several of our employees have been part of the team for decades. Although the employees at GF Hardwoods & Moss Sawmills work separately for their respective company, efforts are tightly coordinated by the management team to ensure that quality standards are met and exceeded throughout the process. There’s also a commitment by the companies’ leadership to provide a safe work environment for all employees. This commitment is rewarded with incentives and gifts for maintaining safety standards.

We invite you to meet our GF Hardwoods & Moss Sawmills by reading a little about them below. We’re proud of our employees and realize that their hard work makes the products we offer desirable to our clients and something we can all be proud of.

Quentin Moss

Quentin is the President of GF Hardwoods & Moss SawmillsHe has more than a quarter century of experience in the industry, and he has been with GF Hardwoods for most of his career. Quentin is an avid hunter, plays golf, and enjoys watching the Tennessee Volunteers and Titans. Contact Quentin regarding your lumber needs by calling him directly at ‭(931) 397-8292‬

Trevor Graves

Trevor has been with GF Hardwoods for three years. He is head of booking. He enjoys spending quality time with his family and being in the great outdoors, especially hunting turkey.

The Team at GF Hardwoods

Chris Smith

Chris, our GF Hardwoods Manager, has been with us 20 years. He enjoys spending time with his family and attending ballgames with his kids.

JD Stephens

J.D. Stephens is a lumber grader for GF Hardwoods and enjoys woodworking. He’s been with us 22 years.

Dennis Jenkins

Dennis has been with GF Hardwoods 16 years and enjoys hunting and fishing. He’s one of our loader operators.

Stanley Ferguson

Stanley has been with Moss Sawmills since 2016 and enjoys fishing and swimming. He currently runs the stacker and punch saw.

Woody Trent

Woody is our assistant manager at GF Hardwoods and enjoys hunting, fishing and raising goats. He’s been with us 34 years.

Don Davis

Stick stacking team leader Don Davis has been with GF Hardwoods for 35 years and enjoys bowling.

Jake Wheeler

Jake Wheeler is with GF Hardwoods stick stacking team.

Joe Bargy
Joe is our “Freight Relocating Engineer” AKA Truck Driver. He’s been with us since 2016 and loves woodworking
John White

John is one of our loader operators and has been with GF Hardwoods 16 years. He likes to grow a garden and play video games. 

Billy Pennington

Billy has been with GF Hardwoods since 2017 and enjoys kayaking, hunting and fishing. He is part of our stick stacking team.

Clayton White

Clayton been with GF Hardwoods 27 years and enjoys farming, raising a garden, and fishing.

Benjamin Pace

Benjamin is our kiln-dried lumber grader and has worked with GF Hardwoods for six years. He enjoys hunting, fishing, four-wheeling and playing guitar.

Brett Morris

Brett has been a team member at GF Hardwoods since 2016 and enjoys riding motorcycles, fishing and hunting. 

Cody King

Lumber grader Cody King joined GF Hardwoods in 2017. He enjoys fishing, sports and spending time with his two sons.

Derek Graves

Derek Graves is our Kiln Operator and enjoys raising American Bully dogs. He’s been with GF Hardwoods for six years.

The Team at Moss Sawmills

Casey Smith

Casey has been with Moss Sawmills for two years and enjoys working on old cars and spending time with his family. He works in the saw shop at Moss Sawmills.

Harold Head

Harold works in the saw shop at Moss Sawmills. He’s been with us six years and enjoys hunting and lifting weights.

Gayland Finch

Gayland as been with Moss Sawmills for six years and is our head of saw sharpening. He enjoys reading.

Logan Melton

Logan works in the Moss Sawmills saw shop. He’s been with Moss Sawmills since 2016 and enjoys hunting and fishing.

Eric Rich

Eric has been with Moss Sawmills around 15 years and enjoys hunting, fishing and riding 4-wheelers.

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