Kiln Drying

Kiln Manager Derek Graves oversees drying of more than 20 million of board feet of lumber annually in two types of dry kilns.


GF Hardwoods lumber is dried to 6-8% moisture level, which meets industry standards for hardwoods. Advantages of kiln dried wood include increased consistency and less shrinkage in the products manufactured by our customers from our lumber.


As part of our commitment to reducing waste in our operations, our onsite kilns are fired by the sawdust produced during the log milling process at Moss Sawmills.

Kiln-dried Hardwoods


Kiln-dried hardwood lumber has long been the main focus of GF Hardwoods’ business, although we also sell green lumber, particularly to the flooring market. Our kiln-drying capacity is 900,000 board feet, meaning we can service customers with businesses that are large or small. We produce about 20 million board feet of lumber annually in thicknesses ranging from 4/4 to 8/4.

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