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Grading, Kiln Drying, & Stewardship


Our Commitment to Quality Sets Us Apart

At GF Hardwoods, we understand that providing our customers with quality hardwood products is a given. We pride ourselves on value and timely delivery, but we also understand they mean very little without quality. GF Hardwoods is part of a group of companies that produces a wide range of wood products. Moss Sawmills buys logs for processing, and we also supplement our raw material needs from well-established outside vendors. We work very closely with the log buyers, Moss Sawmills and other suppliers during the entire process to give our customer the most consistent, best-yielding material possible.

It’s been said that if you take care of all the little details, the bigger issues will be taken care of. We’ll take care of your quality concerns through our attention to detail.

We appreciate how important quality is to you. We demand the same from our suppliers and remain committed to providing the absolute best quality. You can count on us.

Going the Extra Mile to Recycle & Practice Sustainability with Playground Chips

Wood chips are produced as a part of the sawmill process at Moss Sawmills. These wood chips are sold to our sister company, Barky Beaver, and turned into Beaver Chips, which are Engineered Wood Fiber used for playgrounds, pathway surfacing and other projects where safety of users, especially children, is a concern.

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