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Services Designed to Help Our Customers

In addition to providing lumber GF Hardwoods provides services that assist our customers. We will be happy to discuss each of these services in detail and clarify pricing, lead time and other considerations in making sure your product leaves our facility exactly as you need it to.

Our services include:
  • Surfacing

  • End painting

  • Piece tallies

  • Export loading

  • Delivery on covered trailers

  • Information cards on each pack

  • Loads with multiple species

Call us today! 1-800-844-3944

End Painting

We can end paint your lumber, add our logo, or your custom logo to your dry kilned Appalachian hardwood lumber order.

Logo Painting

We are proud to stamp our logo on our lumber, leave blank, or stamp your logo on your lumber.

Surfacing Available

We also have the service of surfacing your Appalachian hardwood lumber orders!

Piece Tallies

Piece Tallies are on each pack of dry kilned Appalachian hardwood lumber.

Covered Trailers for Delivery

We can deliver your lumber in a covered trailer for optimal dryness and quality. We also offer loads with multiple species.

Info Cards & Invoicing

We have the information cards on each pack of lumber and have the sweetest lady to ensure your timely invoice and customer service needs!

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