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GF Hardwoods is Strategically Located

With the locations of GF Hardwoods and our companion company, Moss Sawmills, only two miles from the Tennessee-Kentucky state line in Moss, Tennessee, there’s a big advantage to our customers. The proximity of our raw material sourcing makes for a very consistent product at GF Hardwoods, with all of it coming from a region known for its high-quality Appalachian lumber.

Our raw material is harvested from both states, in a 50-mile circle around Moss. We have an on-site buying yard and other buying locations within 30 miles. Outside vendors bring material to our locations from a 100-mile radius. We’re also centrally located between Nashville and Knoxville, about 40 miles north of I-40. Interstate 65 is only about 50 miles away.  Louisville, Kentucky, is less than two and a half hours from Moss, with Atlanta, Indianapolis and Cincinnati four to five hours away.

Moss is within a day’s drive of roughly three-fourths of the population of the United States. We make deliveries with our own trucking fleet as far as 350 miles away and regularly coordinate with our customers and their preferred carriers to have lumber picked up from our yard. For many years, GF Hardwoods lumber has been exported around the world, and we still regularly load shipping containers on our yard in Moss.

Where Moss, Tennessee, is located is important.

We invite our customers and suppliers to visit us at our locations in Moss, Tennessee. An historic community in Clay County, Moss is as old as the county itself. The town is situated on the Eastern Highland Rim of Tennessee near the Cumberland River in one of the most beautiful areas in the Southeastern United States, the Tennessee Upper Cumberland. Set in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee, Moss is a small logging and farming community about two miles south of the Kentucky state line and just west of picturesque Dale Hollow Lake.

Neighbors always help a friend in need. Country churches dot the hillsides, and local restaurants compete for the best BBQ in the area. Folks in Moss still wave at each passing car they see and say “Hello!” to everyone they meet.

Generations of dedicated people have been raised in this community on hard work, honesty and strong morals. The dramatic vistas around the GF Hardwoods and Moss Sawmills boast some of the most desirable hardwood trees in the nation. Cattle, corn and soybean crops are raised near these majestic hardwood forests, and businesses co-exist with the country stores and homes that dot the landscape. Forest products are part of the way of life here in Moss.

Yes, life in Moss moves by slowly with residents treasuring the memories of every day and spending their evenings with their families enjoying the beauty of the area and the mild weather.

You are invited to visit us at our manufacturing facility and offices in Moss anytime. If you want to spend the night and enjoy the sites, you may choose to stay in a log cabin manufactured by our sister company, Honest Abe Log Homes. More on the cabin is here. Things to do in the region may be found here.

G.F. Hardwoods & Moss Sawmills

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