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Forestry Offers a Variety of Services With New Rates

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry offers a variety of services for landowners to assist with management of Tennessee’s forest resources. Beginning July 1, 2018, new rates will take effect.

The division’s vendor services include prescribed burning, firebreak installation, timber marking and tree planting and are available to private and public forestland owners statewide.

“We’re proud to offer these services to families and businesses who can benefit,” Agriculture Commissioner Jai Templeton said. “Keeping our forests healthy and productive will result in environmental, economic, and ecological benefits for future generations.”

New rates for some of these services are necessary to cover the costs associated with delivering the services. Please see the attached rate sheet.

The division always encourages landowners to contact private vendors and consulting foresters for implementation of forestry practices, where possible.

“With more than half of Tennessee’s land being forested, proper forest care and management is essential,” State Forester Jere Jeter said. “We are proud to have a close relationship with industry leaders and private vendors to work towards strengthening our forest resources throughout the state.”

In addition to these fee-based vendor services, professional area foresters within the Division of Forestry provide forest planning and technical assistance to landowners free of charge. Through the Forest Stewardship Program, foresters conduct on-the-ground assessments to determine the condition of timber resources, forest health, wildlife habitat, water quality, and cultural resources, such as historic sites or cemeteries.

Other forestry practices, such as non-commercial thinning, cull tree removal, and timber stand improvement including vine control, site preparation for natural regeneration of hardwoods, and mid-story removal, are not offered as a vendor service. Division personnel can demonstrate these types of practices by flagging or marking the trees or vegetation to remove on up to one acre of the client’s property, free of charge. Road closure and rehabilitation services are also not offered as a vendor service.

Contact your local area forester to request services offered through the Tennessee Division of Forestry. You will find more information about these forestry services by clicking here.


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