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Progressing After the Fire

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

We have had a crew at Moss Sawmills who have worked so hard to get a deck built so we can CONTINUE to run and so we only lost two days. Isn’t that amazing?

So what got damaged? The trim saw, chipper, air compressor system, electronics to the mill (but they got it fixed to run so now the saws are operating and we are at least running now… what a blessing) the parts room, computer system, were all damaged or destroyed. Some photos of the deck they built are attached and they built it to run until we can get it all up and going (likely 2 months). We’re having to sort and bundle the lumber by hand but are taking it to GF Hardwoods‘ facilities across the road to use their sling sorter to get everything sorted there.

But now to have gotten things to where we can run and people can keep working in only two short days was a HUGE feat. We have an amazing team that made that happen. Some of the team who helped are Quentin Moss, mill co-owner Shane Smith, Scottie Reagan, Bobby Huckeby, Mikey Rich, Calvin Smith, Donnie Grace, Vernal, Joshua Buck, Tony Trobaugh, Ricky Trobaugh, Donnie Smith, Lee Craighead, Ed Hammock and many others who have gone above and beyond to get things up and running! We are so appreciative.

Another Special thanks to Mt. Vernon, Hermitage Springs, Moss, & Celina fire departments along with our special crew who were there helping the night of the fire, including Jimmy Trent, Brad Mini, Jeff Hatcher, Jacob Wheeler and many more.

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